Here there are the dinosaurs footprints !

Here there are, the dinosaur footprints ! We come alongside a sandstone coast, where the nature conserved the largest known dinosaur footprints, which by default made them the largest tracks made by any animals in the history of the earth !
The hypothesis for these features is that they were formed by compression of soft sandy layers by the feet of multi-ton dinosaurs, such as sauropods, that through their great weight deformed sediment well below where their feet actually touched the original surface.

Les voici enfin, les traces de dinosaures ! Nous accostons le long d'une baie composée de gres, une roche qui a permis de conserver les traces de ces animaux vieux de (parait-il) 120 millions d'années !. La roche sedimentaire a gardé l'empreinte des gigantesques sauropodes, qui est maintenant mise à jour par l'erosion marine.